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Meet the staple oxford shirt. 

It’s the closet essential you’ll reach for every day, whether you’re heading to the office or exploring the city. This tailored shirt offers the perfect fit for a modest look with a universally flattering silhouette. Say goodbye to ill-fitting sleeves with our personalisation option that allows you to choose your sleeve length for a custom fit. 

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Experience the luxury of modern tailoring

Do you struggle to find a shirt that fits? Is your workwear closet lacking a classic white button-up shirt? We all know the stress of buying ready-made shirts. These mass-produced garments are made to ill-fitting size charts that don’t account for different body types. Fast fashion garments are made for the masses, not the individual. 

If you don’t fall perfectly into a size category, the chances are that you’ll struggle to find an oxford shirt that works with your proportions. At Inggrid, we celebrate individuality through our custom-tailored shirts. 

A classic button-up shirt is an investment into your closet and an everyday essential. You want a style that is comfortable to wear, while flattering your figure. 

Our modern fit oxford shirt is designed to give you a modest tailored look that offers the perfect fit.

Understanding Shirt Styles

Customise your tailored oxford shirt by choosing one of our three most popular fits. These classic silhouettes allow you to pick a shir that offers comfort without compromising on style. 
Slim Fit

A slim fit shirt offers exactly what it says on the label. It has a slim silhouette, sitting close against your body. The design is narrower across your waist and midsection, showing off your natural figure. A slim fit shirt offers little stretch and doesn’t give more than 3-4 inches of fabric away from your chest. This option gives you a classic tailored and elevated look.

Modern Fit

A modern fit shirt is a contemporary style that gives you the best of both worlds, mixing elements of a classic fit with the tightness of a slim fit. While you’ll have a tailored look, a modern fit offers more room in the chest and arms. It’s a modest and understated alternative to the slim fit silhouette. 

Loose Fit

Are you looking for a more versatile option? A loose fit shirt has a relaxed silhouette and is ideal for layering with a jumper or blazer for an elevated look. You can achieve an oversized look with a loose-fitting shirt, allowing you to incorporate contemporary trends into your everyday closet and workwear. 

Meet the Inggrid Oxford Shirt

The Perfect Fit – Every Time

Our signature oxford shirt is available in three silhouettes, allowing you to customise your button-up shirt for the perfect fit. These three cuts cater for every body type, whether you prefer a contemporary oversized fit or a slim fit.

The oxford shirt is available in:

  • Slim fit
  • Modern fit
  • Loose fit

Custom Sleeve options

Do you struggle to find a shirt with comfortable sleeves? Our customisation options allow you to get the perfect fit by selecting the right sleeve measurement for you. Our sleeve options are available from 21 to 26 inches, allowing you to tailor your oxford shirt to your preferences.  

Comfortable Materials

At Inggrid, our oxford shirts are made using cotton material. This signature piece incorporates one of the most comfortable and breathable fabrics, containing up to 90% cotton. We’ve chosen this fabric with all-day wearability in mind, whether you’re heading to the office or a black-tie event. The 10% polyester provides the fabric with the structure it needs to create a tailored fit.

Quality Craftmanship

Our expert tailors have almost a decade’s worth of experience in the industry. They have a reputation for producing high-quality garments with attention to detail. Our team will create your oxford shirt made-to-order, ensuring you receive the perfect fit.

But hold on

Why You Need a Tailored Shirt

With thousands of ready-to-wear options, it’s easy to wonder ‘why do I need a tailored shirt?’. Buying a perfectly fitting shirt is an investment in your closet that can transform your workwear and daily wardrobe.

An unbeatable first impression

First impressions are everything. Whether you’re hosting a meeting at the office or going on a date, your clothes are a reflection of your personality. A tailored shirt is an elevated essential that creates a professional and sophisticated look, with ultimate versatility to mix and match with your favourite outfits.

Unlocks your inner confidence

Wearing a well-fitting oxford shirt can give you a confidence boost. When you’re wearing something that is both stylish and comfortable, you instantly feel better about yourself. 


Fashion is all about self-expression. With a custom-tailored shirt, you get to experience the individuality of a made-to-order shirt that is entirely your own. Your shirt is made just for you.

Customized sleeves for the perfect fit

Say goodbye to awkward sleeves and ill-fitting silhouettes. Our oxford shirt is customizable, allowing you to select your ideal sleeve length for the perfect fit.

Say ‘Hello’ to Our Perfect Fit Oxford Shirt

Our models are wearing S size.

Finding Your Perfect Size

Watch our video below to learn how to get the correct measurements.

A simple measuring guide

Step 1: Find a measuring tape or download our printable measuring tape below. Your measuring tape must be in inches.


Step 2: Use an existing shirt from your closet as your basic reference.

Step 3: Start by measuring the shoulder and bust of the shirt. After taking the first measurement, alter it until you achieve your ideal fit. You may need to reduce or increase the measurement depending on the fit of your existing shirt compared to your desired fit. 


Step 4: Choose your customized sleeve length by measuring the sleeve of the shirt from the end of your shoulder to the end point of the wrist. You can reduce or increase this measurement to achieve your perfect fit.


Step 5: Compare the final measurements with our shirt sizing and cutting options to personalize your oxford shirt.

Step 6: Select the sizing option that is nearest your measurements, along with your desired sleeve length. Choose the shirt cut that matches your preferences.

Sizes for you


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Oxford Colour

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Oxford cotton fabrics ( 90% cotton and 10% Polyester )

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