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Always wanting the perfect shirt for yourself?

Ready made shirt doesn’t care about your body size. They are made in bulk as a way to cater to the general public and expecting everyone to fit in the same sizing category. The reality is not everyone are the same. Ready made shirt doesn’t know the true value of your body.

If you are just like him, it means you know your body values. Your body deserve a better shirt. A shirt that could make you feel comfortable and confident in tackling the day to day world while a normal shirt cant.

I always have a problem with choosing the right size shirt. My body fit nicely with size ‘S’ shirt but the sleeve length is too short for me. Thats when I know I have to choose a bigger size if I want to get the right fit for my sleeves. It is frustrating once you have found the right fit for your body but the sleeve are just too long or too short. It shouldn’t be that way.

– Ashraff Moghni –


The Perfect Fits

We have come out with 3 different shirt cutting to cater to 3 different body types. Those cuttings are:

  • Slim fit cut
  • Modern Fit cut
  • Loose fit cut

Sleeve options

Custom options for you to get the right sleeve measurement for your body. We can custom the length from the range of 21 inches to 26 inches.

Comfortable Materials

Our shirts are made of oxford cotton materials. The mixture of 90% cotton in the fabrics makes it one of the most comfortable fabric with breathetable features. The other 10% mixture of polyster provide the edge and structure of the shirt to make you look well fitted with the shirt.

Quality Craftmanship

A little brief of our background, our tailors are expert in shirt tailoring for 9 years in the making. With that track record and having the eye to details, our shirt are sewed for you and made to your order. We sew the perfect garment to fit your body.

But hold on

How does your perfect shirt can help you?

The first impression is the last

Going to give a big presentation in your office or meeting new people? Your personality always speaks before you. Your dress-up will convey a professional working attitude of yours to the receiving party. Our shirt are an easy way to manage your attire for you to handle the big day.

A well-fitted Shirt brings a sense of confidence in you

These oxford women shirt bring a sense of confidence in you. If you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’ll be able to give your 100%. It also shows your committed energy. Hence, your dress-up is a symbol status for you in any place


Your formal dress-up portrays your individuality in the workplace. It brings a sense of fashion in professional women. It also creates a sense of freedom in them. As it allows them to express themselves in an attire which is not too casual for them and not too formal. They can easily perform their tasks in such shirts. Our shirt will make you look exclusive.

Customized your sleeve length for a better fits

You can show some uniqueness at your office by having a well-fitted shirt. You can have the sleeve customized to your arm length measurement. Now your sleeve will be perfectly place for you. This innovation is great for the ladies who find most shirts all the same and cannot find anything new

How does the The perfect shirt look on our model

Our models are wearing S size.

Now lets get you on board
with the perfect size

A simple video to help you with getting the right measurement

A simple measuring guide

Step 1 : Get yourself a measuring tape.If you don’t have a measuring tape, You can download and print our printable measuring tape below. Reminder, always measure in inches.

Step 2 : Now, get an old shirt to use as a basic reference.

Step 3 : Firstly, measure the shoulder and bust of the old shirt. Once you got the measurement, alter the measurement to your best fit. If your old shirt is too big. Reduce the measurement to your best fit. If it is too small, increase the measurement to your best fit. Shoulder and bust measurement are very important on getting the right fit.


Step 4 : Custom your sleeve length by measuring the sleeve from the end point of your shoulder to the end point of your wrist or to which ever you feel comfortable around your wrist.


Step 5 : Compare your final measurement with our shirt sizes and cutting.

Step 6 : Finally, choose the size which is closest to your measurement and select the perfect measurement for your sleeve length. Choose the cut that is best fitted to you.

Sizes for you


Transparency in Our Process Flow

What do others say about our brand?

Aidza Ashikin
Aidza Ashikin
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Hai Inggrid! I love your baju kurung so much! Iron effortless 😍 the most of all so comfortable! Thank you so much ya ❤️ sincerely your happy customer 🌸 selamat hari raya Inggrid!
Harez Hazim
Harez HazimEntrepreneur
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The cutting for modern cut is on point. Materials good and comfortable with malaysia weather. I would 100% recommend it.
Eiraa🤍 cikeiraaaa_
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Alhamdulillah. Sangat happy. 🥰 Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan,dan semoga bisnes awak semakin maju dan sukses ye 🤲 aminnn
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The order process was nice. Thank you I ordered L classic and XL modern. Fit me perfectly.
AminWealth Planner
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Aku suka collar design shirt lelaki. Tak rimas and fit fit sedang molek.
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