Sometimes a simple meaning behind a brand is more than enough.

“Beautiful”. That’s what Inggrid means.

Our aim is to make people feel good about themselves in any attire that we offer. We know attire is part of the first impression. A beautiful attire makes people feel good to kickstart their day, for any occasion.

In-line with our mission, we are proud to present our collection for men and women who want to look their absolute best this Raya Season.

Our 13 inspiring designs for the women’s Raya attire are influenced by the “Rococo” fashion era blended into local traditional style, cut in a modern feel.

The gentlemen’s Baju Melayu is specially crafted with a modern cut fitting and produced in a variety of trendy colors. Wearing the Inggrid Baju Melayu gives the men the elegant and dashing look for the festive season.

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